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Biomedical goods require high standards of protection and handling to ensure that the integrity of the product is protected at all stages of transportation. Considerations include the need for pre-sterilization before packaging, need for breathability, degree of protection and individual dimensions of components. Taking these factors into account, it is clear that biomedical goods are delicate and require the highest level of ergonomic care.

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Bio Packaging

DGP specializes in fulfilling the needs of companies in the Biomedical, Biotech, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Industries, offering compliance packaging and time critical international air transportation services.

In order to ensure the safe handling of diagnostic specimen and infectious substances with speed and assurance, all DGP’s activities are performed in accordance with global safety standards: IATA/ICAO.

Custom Medical packaging

  • Supply of IATA approved DG packaging services
  • Packaging of Class 6.2 (Infectious substances and clinical samples)
  • Cold room packaging services (2 to 8 °C) or less than 0 °C
  • Repackaging temperature-controlled transshipments onsite
  • Handling international transportation of dangerous goods, Biotech, Clinical and Pharmaceutical sample with validated temperature– controlled solutions
  • Provision of dry ice & gel packs for temperature control
  • Local clinical pickup and delivery services (7 days a week, 365 days a year)
  • In-house dangerous goods safety advisors by IATA certified instructor

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Biomedical Packaging

Global regulations for the transportation of biomedical goods is constantly changing, thus demanding for newer innovative packaging designs and solutions. Our strong expertise in both understanding various biomedical products and logistics gives us the unique know-how to safely and efficiently transport your products.