About Us

DGP Logistics Group

Established by a global network of professionals with years of specialized experience in the Dangerous Goods field, DGP Logistics Sdn Bhd is committed to providing total solutions on Dangerous Goods, Biomedical and Temperature Sensitive Packaging.

Our teams of experts specializing in Dangerous Goods are certified across all dimensions of transportation regulations. The in-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA) and certified Dangerous Goods Instructors constitute our primary and essential resources, enhancing not only our knowledge management system but also ensuring the constant upkeep of our regulatory compliances.

Benefiting from a specialized global network, our customers can be confidently assured that their Dangerous Goods shipments are not only furnished with the precise packaging but are also dispatched in strict conformity with the requisite compliances, adhering to the most appropriate safety practices.

Safety, Our First Priority

At DGP Logistics, we believe that safety is our number one priority when delivering dangerous goods to our customers. Over the years, many of the world’s biggest organisations and brands have come to entrust us with the transportation of their goods. With our vast experience combined with a global network, we ensure that special care is provided to all goods.


DGP Logistics Sdn Bhd aims to be Number 1 one stop solution for all our stakeholder’s DG Logistics needs in Malaysia.


DGP Logistics Sdn Bhd is highly committed to serving our customers with the highest quality Dangerous Goods UN Tested Approved Packaging and integrated logistics services at competitive pricing. A strong dedication to not only safety compliance, but safety excellence forms the baseline working philosophy throughout all levels of the organization.