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Hazardous materials often referred to Dangerous goods must adhere to stringent packaging guidelines to guarantee their secure to be transported to a different destination. This fiend, also termed hazmat logistics, is overseen by the IATA Dangerous Goods regulations, along with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods and the international Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road protocols.

Expertise is essential in identifying the specific materials being shipped, comprehending their characteristics, and understanding the relevant regulations. Accompanying this knowledge is the skill to package these materials in a manner that aligns with the established standards, ensuring their safe journey.

We Provide

comprehensive Dangerous Goods Packing

DGP boasts a team of professionals committed to delivering exceptional services, covering every aspect of handling Dangerous Goods. This encompasses expert handling, tailored packaging and seamless transportation.

The IATA Dangerous Goods regulations stand as the foremost and reliable reference for insight related to Dangerous Goods transport. Its credibility is acknowledged by over 200 global airlines. DGP’s solution strictly adheres to guidelines outlined in the IATA Dangerous Goods regulation, ensuring the safety of your goods, the logistics and personnel involved.


Our services include: 

  • Dangerous Goods Packaging, Marking and Labelling 
  • Preparation of Dangerous Goods Declaration 
  • On-site Repacking and Inspection Services 
  • Hazardous materials Local Pick-up and Delivery 
  • Decanting , redrumming and Palletizing Services
  • Provision of Dry Ice & Gel Packs for Temperature Control
  • Limited quantity packing 
  • In-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors

Why choose us In

Dangerous Goods Logistics

DGP Logistics stands as a paragon of adherence to international regulations, instilling unwavering confidence in our client regarding our dangerous goods packaging solutions. Our approach encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the goods properties and the surrounding environment, including factors like temperature, humidity and sterilization requirements. This proficiency is further secure by our sturdy logistics expertise.

Our commitment guarantees safe transport of your goods. With our support, you can engage any concerns about hazards or unforeseen delays. We have meticulously designed our processes to ensure that your goods reach your destination without compromising safety or facing unnecessary obstacles. Your peace of mind is our ultimate goal.