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To keep battery shipments by air as safe as possible, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopted a more restrictive global regulation. As of January 1, 2022, IATA Packing Instructions PI 965 and PI 968 no longer contain Section II provisions of the DGR. Learn how DGP Logistics can help to ship your lithium batteries safely.

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The biggest companies and organisations in the world now turn to us for transportation services over the years. All products are handled with exceptional care thanks to the global network we have built and the depth of our experience.

What To Expect In The New Regulations

Worldwide Shipping Of Lithium Batteries - Safely & Swiftly

Dangerous goods are highly hazardous and without proper care of transporting and handling, the risk of large-scale damages may arise.

Here at DGP Logistics, our team is committed to providing top-notch overseas shipping services that comply with the IATA regulations for air shipments and IMDG for sea shipments.

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Get in touch with our experts to determine the best shipping methods suited to your lithium batteries – either by air or sea freight.

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With the suitable inner and outer packaging, Our UN certified boxes are designed to endure significant drops without incurring damage. This is to ensure that the safety of individuals remains uncompromised by preventing any harm arising from lithium and ion batteries.
Our experts will assess the attributes of your batteries and provide recommendation for the right packaging and necessary labels essential for the shipment t o be compliant.
We are committed to guaranteeing the accurate declaration, proper packaging, labelling and supplied with the correct documentation for your lithium-ion and metal batteries, spanning the countries of origin, transit, and final destination.

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Our extensive array of services is designed to provide you with a sense of assurance, as each service we provide adheres to the IATA standard, ensuring you peace of mind.

Dangerous Goods Packaging Services

Our team of skilled experts is dedicated to delivering the utmost safety and service excellence in every aspect, be it the handling, packing, or transportation of Dangerous goods. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses the proper packaging, labelling and marking of Dangerous Goods along with in-site repacking and inspection services and much more.

Biomedical Services

For the proper packaging items, various factors come into play, including pre-sterilization, considerations for breathability, specific level of protection and the individual dimension of components. Our service encompasses all these aspects. We provide extensive packaging solution tailored to industries like biomedical, biotech, clinical and pharmaceutical. Furthermore, our clients have the option to request personalized medical packaging solutions to meet their specific needs.

Temperature Sensitive Packaging

Our team has a vast knowledge of insulating materials and refrigerants. We provide solutions that comply with IATA regulations, which take into account your goods’ characteristics and the environment of transit. You can be confident that your goods will remain within the safe temperature range during any overseas shipping, air logistics, or unexpected delays at any stopover.

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Global shipping companies collaborate with us to get accurate and safe transportation of battery deliveries
We offer the right packing solutions and adhere to the safety regulations and procedures because you deserve to have peace of mind.
Safety is our top priority. Whether it’s the cargo, our personnel or our client, we take pride in safety excellence.

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Whether you want to ship, pack, or just need advice on ensuring seamless delivery of hazardous goods, you can be confident that DGP Logistics is your go-to packing & logistic service.

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We provide you value-added services – because your shipments deserve safety excellence and timely delivery to their destination.

Frequently asked questions

Lithium batteries are engineered to sustain continuous device operation for prolonged periods, spanning from hours to days. To enable this function, they store considerable amounts of electrical energy. Improper packaging or damage during transportation can lead to lithium batteries short-circuiting, resulting in overheating and potential ignition.
Yes, it’s possible that the shipment could be exempted from requiring formal declaration. Please refer to Section II of the relevant packing instruction within the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations for further clarification. Should you need more information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team would be more than happy to assist.
Verify recent production information by contacting the manufacturer or distributor. Companies often provide such details on their corporate websites or through their technical support lines. It’s essential to note that there is extra information available in the Product Data Sheets that is not available on the Material Safety Data sheets.
Defective or damaged Lithium Batteries pose a significant safety hazard to individuals and property and are strictly prohibited from being transported on aircraft under any circumstances.

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